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Aevin Dugas four-and-a-half-foot Afro has the world’s largest natural hair… and takes her two days to wash her hair.  her hair is 14 years in the making, Aevin says that she loves her bouncy hair. She said: ‘I don’t know why but there’s something very important to me about little girls appreciating my hair and then wanting to wear their hair the same.’I tell them there is nothing that I did special, there is no magical formula, we are born with our hair like this. ‘Aevin was originally inspired by a picture of her mum Deborah Dugas wearing an Afro in the sixties - and she remains one of her biggest fans today. Mrs Dugas, 62, who runs a care home, said: ‘I’m humbled by the fact she did this because she liked my natural hair, way before she was born.


One of the many reasons I love black women